Why Green? Green Is Here :: Why Green?

We advocate and practice green building - also known as eco building, ecological building, and sustainable building - because it's the kindest, smartest, and most efficient way to build. Here are just some of its features and benefits...

Better for our planet

Compared with conventional building, green building best considers and preserves our shared environment by:

  • Using recycled materials, and renewable materials such as wood from nearby forests managed according to Forest Stewardship Council standards.
  • Minimizing site disruption such as erosion, tree-clearing, and run-off.
  • Reducing construction waste.
  • Reducing fuel use and emissions during construction.
  • Promoting sustainable, region- and site-appropriate landscaping that reduces chemical use and water consumption.

After construction, the superior energy efficiency of green buildings reduces their carbon footprint and resource consumption throughout their useful lives.

Better for our health

Green buildings avoid building materials and techniques known to aggravate allergies, harbor mold, and emit harmful gases and particulates. Green buildings further elevate indoor air quality through controlled indoor/outdoor air exchange and air filtration. You can literally breathe easy in green buildings, and the attention to abundant natural light and good ventilation that helps make green building energy efficient enhances your sense of well-being as well.

Better for our budgets

Green building employs tight building envelopes, high-performance windows; controlled, energy-retaining air exchange; energy-efficient site orientation, passive and active solar energy features, energy-efficient heating, cooling, hot water heating, and appliances, and water-conserving plumbing fixtures to provide a comfortable environment with the lowest practical consumption of fuel, electricity, and water. This lowers lifetime ownership costs while allowing increasingly-scarce and costly resources to be shared more widely and equitably.

Better for our spirits

Just as you have to use ingredients, cooking fuel, and time to make fried rice, you have to consume materials and energy to create and use a building. Any building.

But green building is like making tastier, more nourishing fried rice using fewer and better ingredients. And given that our ingredients in building are the world's resources, it's a great feeling to live and work in comfort while knowing that you are consuming no more than your fair share.

If we must build, we may as well build green. It feels better because it is better - for all of us. Like better fried rice.